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Welcome to Kurious Machine's Affiliate Programme!

Please read the Terms & Conditions below carefully for applying as an Affiliate.

If you want to earn money by spreading our website or by uploading educational resources, You are absolutely welcome!

We have the following affiliate streams:-

1. Share our website link

2. Upload Educational Resources

3. Embed (Show Advertisement) on your Website/Blog

Points System:-

For every share of link/upload of Notes/unique click on the banner on your website, you will earn 1 point.

The points that you will accumulate in a period of 3 months will add up to pay your referral fees.

                                                    1 point ≈ ₹ 0.25 / $ 0.0034 (Subject to change)

The payments are processed every 3 months.

Please note that the programme is currently unpaid but if you want to upload materials/share the website link/embed our banner on your website now, your points will start counting but you won't be paid until we announce it to be a paid one anytime in 2022.


You will be given credit if your own handwritten/typed materials are published on our website.

Rules for applying:-

  • To upload Educational Resources (Books in PDF format, PDFs, Study Materials, Test Series Package, Quizzes etc.) of the below categories, fill up this form. If your entry passes the verification test, it will be published on our website with credit(if you asked not to be anonymous). Further, You will receive an email informing you about the start of the accumulation of points on your account. Everytime, you submit us on the link, it gets reviewed, then the points accumulate on your account (email) & you get paid every 3 months. 
  • It's that much simple!
  1. IIT-JEE
  2. NEET
  3. KVPY (Any Stream)
  4. HBCSE Olympiads
  5. ISI & CMI
  6. SOF Olympiads
  7. West Bengal Board ( VI - XII )        
  8. Any other educational exam/course
  • To claim your points for sharing our website, Send your screenshots at or WhatsApp here or Telegram here to start accumulating points. Mention your Name, E-Mail & Phone Numer along with a clearly visible screenshot containing where you shared and with whom (Individual/Group/Channel) while emailing us. You can share our website ( on any social media platform or alternatively you may use the share buttons given below directly. Further, You will receive an email/message from us informing you about the start of the accumulation of points on your account. Everytime, you send us, it gets reviewed, then the points accumulate on your account (email) & you get paid every 3 months. 

  • If you want to embed our Banner on your website/blog (We currently don't have options for embedding on Apps), you can use the below HTML-JavaScript Code:- 

    @keyframes scaler {
        0% {
            transform: scale(1);
              100% {    transform: scale(1.5);
                  @keyframes colorChange{
                      0%  { color: #8BC34A;}
                        20%  { color: #03A9F4;}
                          40% {color: #bd7da5;}
                             60% {color: #8925cc;}
                              80%  { color: #FF5722;}
                                100%{ color: #607D8B;}
                                  .titleAnim345 {
                                      animation: colorChange 1s ease-out 0s infinite alternate none running;
                                        .btnAnim345 {
                                            animation: scaler 1s linear 0s infinite alternate none running;
                                                  animation-play-state: paused;
                                                      <div  style="margin: 0 auto;text-align:center;overflow:hidden;border-radius:0px;background:#3492e5;border:0px solid #000000;padding:0px;max-width:calc(100% - 0px);width:300px">
                                                          <div  style="display: inline-block;position:relative;vertical-align: middle;padding:0px">
                                                              <img src="" style="max-width:100%;width:100%"/>
                                                                <div class="titleAnim345"  style="display:block;text-shadow:#fff1ad 4px 4px 4px;position:relative;vertical-align: middle;padding:8px;font-size:45px;color:#7500eb;font-weight:bold">Kurious Machine</div>
                                                                  <div  style="display:inline-block;text-shadow:#5218f2 4px 4px 4px;position:relative;vertical-align: middle;padding:8px;font-size:14px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal">The only FREE Educational Platform of India for Free PDFs, Lectures, Books, Quizzes, Puzzles, Test Series Package, Doubt Solver,Question Bunch and many more!</div>
                                                                    <div class="btnAnim345"  style="display:inline-block;position:relative;vertical-align: middle;padding:8px" >
                                                                        <a target="_blank" href=""><input type="button" value="Visit Now!" style="margin:0px;background:#000000;padding:8px;border:3px solid #6547d1;color:#ffffff;border-radius:0px;cursor:pointer" /></a></div>

                                                                      When you have successfully embedded the above code anywhere on your website/blog,
                                                                      email us your website/blog link, screenshot of the above ad, your name at or WhatsApp here or Telegram here and we will email/message you informing you about the start of the accumulation of points on your account. Everytime, we get unique impressions on our ad banner, the points accumulate on your account (email) & you get paid every 3 months. 

                                                                      Be sure to not do these:-

                                                                      1. While uploading Educational Materials/Resources ⇾
                                                                      • No plagiarized materials.
                                                                      • You can upload materials available on the internet, but you will be paid 1/2 Point for them and if it's not already in our database.
                                                                      • You will receive 1 point if the material is exclusively yours (Typed or Handwritten).
                                                                      • If you want to donate us a physical material (Notes/Book/Test Paper), you can e-mail us about that at and we will take care of the rest. We will initiate pickup from your house.  If you have to self-ship through India Post, we will pay the Courier Charge (Normal Post).
                                                                            2. While sharing our website/embedding our banner on your website 
                                                                      • Sharing with Self/Family Members
                                                                      • Delete as soon as you took the Screenshot 
                                                                      • Send to bots
                                                                      • Any other misuse
                                                                      • Clicking on the banner yourself
                                                                                                       ◼    Our Tracking Systems will capture all the information.   ◼

                                                                      🏴 We are committed to working to ensure that the referral program is processed smoothly. We ensure you that from 2022, the process won't be so traditional, we are working to build an automatic referral process without any human intervention!

                                                                      TnC:- All payments will be processed at our discretion and by doing so, you agree to the same that we reserve to change the terms of all the affiliate payments including points, commission etc.

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