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  Advertising directly on our website is just as easy as drinking a cup of tea!

▫If you want to have an insight of our overall website statistics, you can e-mail us about that at with the Subject "Website Insights Required" leaving the body blank & you will receive the full lastest report in PDF Format within 7 working days as early as possible.

Kurious Machine is one of the best websites on the internet which offers free training for competitive exams especially IIT-JEE, Medical, KVPY, Olympiads & even K12.

 Available websites:-

1. Kurious Machine Main Website

   2. Kurious Machine Community Discussion Forum

⟶ What can I advertise?

   You can advertise any of the following:-

   1. Website (Excluding Gambling, Gaming & Adult-Based Websites)

   2. App (Excluding Gambling, Gaming & Adult-Based Apps)

   3. YouTube Channel (Only Educational-based Channels)

   4. Telegram Channnel (Only Educational-based Channels)

   5. Miscellaneous (Contact us)

Types of Advertisements:-

   1. 728 x 90 - Banner/Header Ad (Direct Link) on the very top of the page - 1 slot only  

   2. 300 x 250 - Banner/Sidebar Ad (Direct Link) Anywhere on the Right Bar of the page - Unlimited Slots

   3. 300 x 250 - Banner Ad - On the very last of the page- 1 slot only

   4. Direct Affiliate Links/Buttons and/or with photos/videos anywhere in Posts 

   5. Interstitial (Full-Page) Ads

   6. Promotion in our Newsletter/Pop-up Notifications

Among these, all of them apply for our main website, while only 2 & 6 work for our forum.

⟶ Rates(Number wise):-

The rates below indicates the average amount needed to advertise on our websites as per your chosen ad slot number (Please see the Ad Slot Serial No. from the above given list and see the rates of them as per that No.).  By paying the below amount, you can operate 1 ad for the chosen time frame.

   1. Rs. 100/Month

   2. Rs. 50/Month

   3. Rs. 75/Month

   4. Rs. 40/Month

   5. Rs. 75/Month

   6. Rs. 40/Month

 We offer bulk time packages too but don't have options right now for advertising forever.

 All the rates are subject to change owing to market demand.

                P.S.:- ~We have the lowest rates in market~!

⟶ Pre-Requisites for applying:-

For applying for any of the above ad slots,

You would need a proper Image/GIF/Video File/Text of your Ad along with your desired land-up website's/App's/Others' link.

ㆍOur Graphics Team can design your ad of their own (Static or Dynamic) using HTML, JavaScript & CSS for free. (Team headed by @Samir)

ㆍYou can also design your own ad on content management platforms such as Google Web Designer or Adobe PhotoShop etc.

ㆍYou can also create custom-designed ads of your own thoughts. Our Team will look with care after it but it will require a nominal charge of Rs.20

⟶ Features (& Why should you advertise with us?!):-

1. Advertising with us gives a greater opportunity to advertisers to maximize their visibility in the market for their products and domains. We welcome the advertisers wholeheartedly to promote their business through our platform.

2. We offer FREE Anti Ad-Blocker System for your ads; i.e. Brave/Any Ad-Blocker Add-On/Others can't block your ads. We don't even charge anything extra for that.

3. Your ad is visible on every page of our websites.

4. Lowest Rates, We can guarantee that no one charges lesser than us!

5. If your sales weren't as desired, We monitor the clicks on your ad and based on that, every 3 months, we refund back a slight amount by calculating the overall performance.

TnC:- As we comply with Google Adsense & other Ad Systems, we can anytime switch to Adsense or others and your ads may be discarded. It will go on a random basis then i.e. Adsense/others and your ads will be shown alternatively (Daily/Weekly). You agree to the same that we reserve all the rights regarding showing of your Ad.

⟶ How to advertise then?:-

For New Users:-

Fill up the below form for registering your account with us.

After verification of the details you will provide in this form below, Our Admin Team will email you about the status of your application as soon as possible. If it is rejected, We'll provide probable reasons for rejection. If the verification is successful, they will also inform you of that via email and provide you a Client ID. Please save this Client ID as it is required for applying for ad-slots in future. All these processes usually takes 2-4 business days. Please provide a valid e-mail. After all these steps, go through the next heading to book ad-slots.

Thank you!


For Registered Users:-

Fill up the below form to book an ad-slot. Be ready with the Client ID provided via email during registration.

After filling up the below form, Our admins will verify your details and will email you a payment link shortly. After successful payment, we will send you a tracking link for monitoring your ads performance. In case, you want to book ad slots again in future, fill up this form again. Be sure to be updated with your email!

Thank you!

⟶ Contact us for any queries:-

Address any queries by emailing us at 

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Sponsoring is essentially the same thing as donating where usually Donation is an one-time phenomenon whereas sponsoring means donating at regular intervals (Daily/Weekly/Monthly etc.) or may mean partnering together on some project or may be called a leg of advertising.

We declare comfortably that sponsoring us doesn't lead to any direct monetary benefit of yours. But, We would really love you if you sponsor us and would make a shout-out in this space. Keep in mind that we have a huge audience network and indirectly, your venture/company would be spread rapidly. For a direct contract, You may instead invest in us.

⟶ Sponsoring Scopes:-

Any Post/Page

・Video/Material Formation Project

Publishing Books



・Monetary (Recurring Donation)

・Shoutout in discussions on forum

⟶ How to Sponsor?

Fill up the form below or drop us an e-mail at and we will revert back with the further instructions.


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