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Welcome onboard to Kurious Machine, India's first ever FREE educational platform! 
Kurious Machine is a non-profit organization, rather, a vision, which seeks to bring about a change in the way education is imparted to the general public for free. We wish to build up a community that will rally for this cause and ultimately is one of the mediums through which education is revolutionized around the globe. From exceptional lectures, hand-outs to seminars, community forum, free live doubt support and excellent quality content PDFs and books, we will provide it all, free of cost, to everyone. 

You can choose from hundreds of Amazing PDFs, Digests, Study Nuggets, Books, Puzzles, Test Series & Quizzes among many more!

Our journey started off by the curious brains of Mr. Ritobrata Nath in 2020. 

We are a small (but huge in our minds) team of "kurious" people who never cease to dream because we believe our partners, discussion community, donors & affiliates all are part of our team. 

   We are a big family and not limited to a team! 

We are possible only because of people like you. So, we have an enlarging community and it's never bounded to any limit.

Our Detailed Family Stats will be updated soon on this space.

We aim to provide all kinds of study materials, quizzes, puzzles, videos, live doubt support and educational resources for free so that each and everyone in our diverse society can input their "kurious" dreams into their "Kurious Machine" and output them as "reality"!

We are sharing all these for free with the world because education should not be restricted, it is free for all. 

In most of the cases though, it's observed that the IITians or NEET-pros have spent heavily on instituitions like Aakash, FIITJEE, Allen,Resonance etc. and as a consequence, the weaker sections don't get any scope for higher education and........you know what happens next.    (Poverty, Unemployment etc.)

We are just for that!

We will provide those "costly" study materials, books & test papers along with our educational resources from our own production team which are just comparable to any of the above.

#EducationForAll #Education4All

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Truly Yours!

- Team Kurious Machine

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